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How to Play and Enjoy Incredible Prizes in Funky Fruits Slot


Author of the publication: Max Hopkins

If you want something non-identical to the normal slot machines, then funky fruit slot can be the perfect option. Finding five or more similar fruit icons in adjoining locations, vertically and horizontally, rewards players. When a player wins, the fruits burst and they get substituted with new ones which cascade from the top. This makes it possible to receive many wins with just one spin. This Playtech game also has a progressive jackpot.

The Paytable and Other Funky Fruit Slot Machine Characteristics

a) Game Attributes

Funky fruit slot differs a lot from all slots. The game has an autoplay choice for speeding up the playing pace. It does not feature bonus rounds, free spins, wild replacements, scatters and several other elements seen in most slot machines. But this is the best thing about this Playtech game: it provides a unique gambling style.

b)Game Icons and Payouts

Funky slots fruits have only six symbols. These icons are represented by sparkling fruits. The smallest rewarding icons are the watermelon and plum; pineapple, orange, and lemon follow. The leading paying symbol in funky fruit slot machine is the cherry.

If a player matches five or more similar fruit icons vertically or horizontally, he or she receives a payout which is multiplied by the overall wager.

The progressive jackpot in this game is won when a gambler gets eight of more cherry icons. The payout per each symbol is:

  • Watermelons: Up to x50;
  • Plums: Up to x100;
  • Pineapples: Five times extra rewarding than the plum;
  • Oranges: Two times the previous one for 16+;
  • Lemons: x500;
  • Cherries: x50, x500, x2000 or a Jackpot.
Enjoy Incredible Prizes in Funky Fruits Slot

It should, however, be noted that getting more than eight cherry symbols in Funky Fruit Slot machine does not increase a prize a player will win. This is because the amount of jackpot won is determined by the size of the bet. To increase the jackpot, a player should increase the bet as below:

  • 1 pound bet gives 10% of the jackpot
  • 2 pounds bet gives 20% of the jackpot
  • 5 pounds bet gives 50% of the jackpot
  • 10 pounds bet gives 100% of the jackpot


Funky fruit slot machine is quite fun mostly because it gives players a gaming structure that is different from all other slot machines.

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