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How to Be a Blackjack Dealer: Rules for Dealing Cards in Blackjack


Author of the publication: Max Hopkins

We're talking about Blackjack. Now the point of the game in Blackjack is to make twenty-one, or get as close to twenty-one as you can without busting or going over that limit. Now this Player has thirteen. They will probably also want to hit. They now have seventeen. I'm only showing a two, which probably means they're in a good place to stand. So let's imagine this Player stands. I deal a card to this Player who has fourteen. Now they have a nine, which obviously puts them over twenty-one. I clean up the cards immediately and put it over here to my right. We move on to the King and the two, which is twelve. Obviously, they'll want another card. So I deal them a card and they have fourteen now. Now this Player can take as many hits as he'd like. So if he want to keep going, he can keep putting cards on. Let's say he'd like to hit again, so he has fourteen, too many. At this point the Player has bet too high and has no cards left. So we clean those up.

We go over here to the final Player who has thirteen. And let's say they take a hit. Eighteen, an excellent place. Very close to twenty-one, but they don't want to go over. So this person is going to say they want to stand, denoted by this hand motion. This means stand and this, a scratch or a tap on the table, means hit or I'd like another card. At this point, we get over to the Dealer and my hand. I simply flip over my card to show that I have five. Now I must continue hitting until I have at least seventeen. Fourteen, I've got to take another hit. So I have my cards here, and twenty-one. Ironically, the Dealer always wins. House will always make more money than the Players. So I now have a perfect hand and I've beaten these Players and I clean up their cards as well as my own, and the hand is over.

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